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Taliesen Floor Lamp
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Bringing you the timeless designs of a master working nearly a century ago, The Lighting Collection of Frank Lloyd Wright faithfully adheres to Mr. Wright's original design intent; Architecture based on the principals of nature.

A wide representation of function and design, this Collection features the extravagant Sumac® stained glass masterpieces of the Susan Lawrence Dana House to the elegant Taliesin® series, in rich cherry wood.

An official licensee of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Oakbrook Esser Studios was sought out to reproduce the magnificent stained glass lamps designed by Wright in 1902, for the Susan Lawrence Dana House in Springfield, IL. Our craftsmen were able to study the original lamps, by the Linden Studio of Chicago, for an accurate replication. We are proud to offer these authentic reproductions in the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection®.

Susan Lawrence Dana House
Springfield, IL 1902-04

The art glass in this house is by far the most lavish of Wright's career. The Sumac® 1, Butterfly Chandelier design was derived from the shapes of luxuriant butterfly wings. Elaborate panels visible from underneath, weave an intricate pattern of illuminating color and light. The exotic iridescent glass of the Sumac® lamps radiates deep tones of color and a warm autumn glow.

Oakbrook Esser Studios is an authorized lighting distributor of Yamagiwa USA Corporation. Our studio is the exclusive fabricator of the Sumac® 1, 2, and 3 authorized lampshades.

Spring Green, WI 1911

Created for his own home in Spring Green, WI, the lamps were so well liked; clients would request them for their projects. Taliesin® 1 is offered in a table or floor lamp in a variety of finishes. The "Mini" version is ideal as a desk size lamp.

Pleased with "Illumination without glare," Wright used indirect light in the Taliesin® fixtures. Stacked blocks of cherry wood with an ambiance of light between each layer the Taliesin® 2 floor lamp is also available in a smaller version, Taliesin® 3 table lamp. The pendant lamp is offered in three, seven or eleven blocks.

Frederick C. Robie House
Chicago, Illinois 1908-10

Crisp shadows, geometric patterns, bronze plate, glass and cherry wood designs that stand within the most elegant expression of Wright's Prairie House. The Robie® 1 glass globe is skillfully suspended in a cherry block frame, giving a sense of weightlessness. The Robie® 2, half moon glass globe hangs from a perforated brass top, carefully positioned, the light produces delicate shadows with dynamic presence.

See the Robie® House windows in Frank Lloyd Wright ® Art Glass

John Storer House
Los Angeles, CA 1923-24

A "Textile Block" house in CA designed in the center of Wright's career, this building is complimented by the serene Storer® 1 floor lamp. A simple glass cube stands counterpoint to the rigid steel frame structure. The floor lamp has been reinterpreted in the Storer® wall sconce.

How to order:

The nature of each fixture, formed by the unique use of material and construction, has been faithfully adhered to in maintaining Mr. Wright’s demanding geometries. Each museum quality fixture from the Lighting Collection of Frank Lloyd Wright is individually tagged with its own serial production number as a guarantee of authenticity. Some lamps are in stock while others may take up to 6 months to produce. Orders are not taken over the Internet. Please call for availability and ordering details.

Sumac1, Sumac 2, Sumac 3, Sumac 4, and Sumac 5 were developed in association with The Dana-Thomas House™. Robie 1 was developed in association with The University of Chicago. Robie 2 was developed in association with The University of Chicago and The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation.

The Frank Lloyd Wright® name, likeness, associated publicity rights, the Frank Lloyd Wright® mark and variations thereof, are all property of The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ. All drawings and designs of Mr. Wright are protected under copyright. ©2007 FL Wright Fdn.